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Rojkala Company with possession of experienced personnel, modern and equipped machinery.and using the superior technology produces high quality products that assure the highest levelsof customer satisfaction resulting in a productivity and profit growth for our client.Rojkala brand has become synonymous with th modern kitchen.the reason for this reputation is ROJKALA s ability to keep pace with the changing times, continuously providing modern housewife,s needs and fulfilling them by high standard of innovation products. Our branded products are designed and manufactured with attention to details, full understanding of the products use, and the special needs of the hands that work and cook daily in kitchens. We concentrate on meeting people s need in a very fast changing and developing world and to exceed our customer s expectations in quality, value and after-sale service,Thus we make a pleasant and lasting impression.

Thanks to our design, attractive price, flexibility and dedication to have paved the way for a wide spead reputataion and marketind locally and in the middle eastern countries such as Iraq.the design and manufacturing of the company s products represent the finest expression of its commitment to excellence starting from imprting prime quality raw meterials.using a state-of-the-art technologies and modern industrials equipments, in addition to its perfect mastery of the process, therefore, we are perfectly positioned to take an immediate advantage of very market opportunity and satisfy all demanding tastes.

With no doubt your comments and feedback help us to continusly improve and hopefully continue to earn your business and your loyalty.

Pizza try

Pizza tray

size 32-24

Violet set

pot size 26-22-18

Pan size 26-18-12

Pizza tray size 32-24